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2018 Christine X.





We offer instruction in many different instruments for all levels and ages in a welcoming, robust learning environment. Our teachers bring their expertise, deep knowledge and commitment 

to students who are thriving to achieve a degree, or just want to have fun. 

Lessons are tailored to each individual in order to achieve the fullest potential of her/his talents and goals.



We prepare for any kind of auditions, performances, national and international competitions.

           MASTER CLASSES           


We offer Master Classes for intermediate and advanced students by national and international guest artists.

       VOCAL INSTRUCTION         


Whether you are training to enter into the next  song contest, prepare a part from an opera, or simply wish to expand your range, we can help you. Private vocal instruction is an excellent way to build vocal flexibility and confidence as well as being introduced to a large repertoire of various styles and genres.



Hc is a participating school in the RCM Development Program and an official test center for RCM exams. 

We offer individual lesson plans to prepare for RCM Exams.

Many of our students participate with great success in the Performance and Theory Exams of the RCM Program in all levels.

             MUSIC THEORY              


We prepare for all levels of Music Theory and History Exams, including for RCM, CM and High School AP Music.



We offer several recitals by students, teachers, and guest performers throughout the year.



We offer professional recording services for pre-screening applications to universities and conservatories & national/international competitions

                                BENEFITS OF MUSIC EDUCATION                                 


Scientific research demonstrates that musical education is one of the most powerful tools to realize full intellectual, social and creative potential.

Music education benefits: speech, reading, language skills; IQ, memory and focus; empathy and social awareness; health and emotional resilience; artistry and creativity

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