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HYPERIUMconservatory is a participating school in the RCM Development Program and an official test center for RCM exams. 

We offer individual lesson plans to prepare for RCM Exams.

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program is a comprehensive and effectively sequenced program of music study and assessment, beginning with the Preparatory level(s), followed by levels 1 to 10, and concluding with the Associate Diploma of The Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT).

A Licenciate Diploma of The Royal Conservatory of Music (LRCM) is available for piano. At each level, a Certificate of Achievement can be earned by successfully completing a Royal Conservatory practical examination.

Available for the study of 21 different instruments plus voice Ten Levels (1–10), plus Preparatory / Introductory Levels and Professional ARCT (Associate of The Royal Conservatory) designations Includes technical requirements, etudes, repertoire, ear training and sight reading at each level Orchestral excerpts are included for brass, string, and wind instruments, and vocalises replace etudes for voice Includes the academic subjects of foundational theory, harmony, counterpoint, analysis, and history Formal third-party assessments at each level provide an important check point, allowing musical progress to be evaluated and celebrated. 


Benefits of the RCM Certificate Program

High quality I Comprehensive I Structured I Credit I Pedagogical Support I Convenient


Many of our students participate with great success in the Performance and Theory Exams of the RCM Program in all levels.

Fall/Winter 2019 - Theory and Practical Exams
Andrew Bae (theory Level 7) First Class Honors with Distinction
Chase Lin (piano Level Prep A) First Class Honors with Distinction
Cole Libunao (piano Level 4) First Class Honors
Olivia Nozaki (piano Level Prep A) First Class Honors
April Stalder (piano Level 5) First Class Honors

Summer 2019 - Practical Exams
Andrew Bae (viola, level 5) First Class Honors
Sofia Brys (piano, level 8) First Class Honors
Sasha Chehrzadeh (piano, level 8) Honors
Bailee Lin (piano, level 5) First Class Honors
Rachael Mar (piano, level 8) Honors
Greyson Porth (piano, level 6) First Class Honors
Andrew Bae (Theory level 6) First Class Honors with Distinction
Sofia Brys (Theory level 5) First Class Honors


Spring 2019 - Theory and Practical Exams
Andrew Bae (Theory Level 5) First Class Honors with Distinction
Sebastian Richardson (Piano, level 4) First Class Honors


Fall/Winter 2018 - Theory and Practical Exams
Andrew Bae (viola, level 4) First Class Honors 
Sofia Brys (piano, level 7) First Class Honors 
Melanie Kowalewski (piano, level 4) Honors 
Bailee Lin (piano, level 4) First Class Honors 
Rachael Mar (piano, level 7) Honors 
April Stalder (piano, level 4) Honors
Thomas Valente (History, level 9)


Fall/Winter 2018 - Center Certificate of Excellence Award
Bailee Lin and Greyson Porth received the 2018 Royal Conservatory Center Certificate of Excellence Award!
Bailee received this award for her piano exams level 2 (fall 2017) and level 3 (spring 2018).
Greyson received this award for his piano exam level 4 (summer 2018).
The Center Certificate of Excellence is awarded to students who achieved the highest mark in their examination center in each level and discipline.


Spring 2018 - Practical Exams
Greyson Porth (piano, level 4) - First Class Honors 
Thomas Valente (piano, level 9) – Honors 
Mayuko Nagata (piano, level 10) – First Class Honors
Kumiko Nagata (clarinet, level 7) – First Class Honors 





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